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Sept. 26, 1908

Unfortunately I do not have all of this letter, just the first page survived through the years. It is obvious in this short snippet that Bessie is going to be teaching at the Children's Home in Mountain Grove, Missouri. From the letter I gather she is concerned about people knowing she has a fiance. From what I know of those times, teachers were not allowed to be married, and possibly not even engaged.

There is also a sad note about two friends, Joe and Mary. From what I can gather Joe is quite ill and won't recover yet they are very much in love and want to be together (I'm sure in marriage). I am really sad that this letter is not complete to learn more of these two. Maybe more will be revealed as the letters progress.

Hematite, Mo.
Sept. 16, 1908

7:00 p.m.

Miss Bessie Barnhart
Osceola, Mo.

Dear Sister:

I was glad to hear from you soon and appreciated your prompt reply.

I received your postal the same day your letter came, and am so glad you are to teach at Mt. Gro. May the Lord be with you in your work is my wish and prayer.

I willingly consent to not put my name on the outside of the envelope.

You need not be afraid of me telling what you said concerning Joe and Mary.

I feel certain that she is as anxious as Joe to unite, they were holding back with the hope that he would recover but that being very doubtful they are wishing to enjoy one another's company at least during his last days.

I do not blame them for thinking so much of each other, but I think they out to act through priniciple. I know that if I cared as much as he does for her I would consider her future welfare more

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