Monday, January 5, 2009


I got a lovely comment from Nancy today about my last letter. She did a little research and found the cemetary near Loomis, WA where it looks like our Bessie and Clinton Rowe are buried. Looks like they finally did tie the knot!

Thank you so much Nancy. What's fascinating is that another reader (Kay I believe) emailed and did a bit of research on the Rowe side of the family and commented that she thought she had found Bessie's family via a census. The parents are Conrad and Sallie Barnhart. Guess what? They are buried in Mt. View Cemetary near Loomis too! Looks like we got a match and I am amazed at how kind people are to do research online for something that really doesn't apply to them, but they just like to do the digging.

Tonight I will have the opportunity to actually visit with a lady who has lived in Loomis for many years. I'll be picking her brain about the Rowe family and see if there are still members who might be in the area. There are Rowe's living in the local area but I think I'll start in Loomis for any contacts.

Anyone who has any interest in this is welcome to email me at oktwigsATgmailDOTcom.
Thanks everyone!

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