Tuesday, December 30, 2008

June 28, 1907

This letter is much shorter than the previous one, but you have to give credit to Mr. Rowe for making sure to answer the letter he has gotten from Bessie in the recent past. It is probably the letter answering to the first one I posted. Only one fold in this letter has been eaten away by time and exposure to the elements so I was able to to transcribe it more clearly than the earlier letter. This one was written in pencil and I have to say the author has very impressive handwriting. As a fifth grade teacher I often lament at how much less emphasis is placed on handwriting skills because of all our other academic requirements. This man has graceful, easy-to-read handwriting even when he seems to be in a hurry. The next letter is dated 1908 so there seems to be a large gap of missing letters. I hope to have it transcribed within the next few days. Enjoy...

June 28, 1907

Miss Bessie Barnhart
Joplin, Mo.

Dear Sister,

I received your ever welcome letter some days ago and while I am in quite a rush I will scribble a few lines to you but not [-----]. I am finished greatly with my work. I have some oats down and I must get them in for today is Friday and I can not leave them out.

I wish I had the time to write at least a reasonable reply to yours but you must excuse me for I can not.

I read your letter with much interest and assure you [-----] long letter was not in the least tiresome.

I will not take notice of anything contained in it at this writing but will next time I write if possible.

I guess I will have quite a newsy letter next time I write.

I must say again that the Lord is and has blessed me and my [-----] for which I praise him. I am moved to think of how he of old time blessed the heathen people when even only of his people were among them and it seems as though God has ordered the weather in a way to bless me. Also he has provided means which I did not look for.

I must close [-----] of God bless you is in my prayers. Write soon for I am always pleased to hear from you.

C.E. Rowe

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  1. What a fabulous idea to post these on a blog! I am also the granddaughter of apple orchardists from Yakima, WA. Unfortunately, not of Bessie and C.E. Rowe, though- but how wonderful to catch this glimpse into their lives. I hope that you are able to locate this family.